Keep the ones u love close do not let them go


I tried to scroll past this, but I just had to scroll back up and reblog.


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That is so hood

That is so hood

i am ventin so y does it hurts so much

o u said fuck me ok fuck u fuck this whole thing this is how u goin to be and this is how u goin to treat me i see u do not give to fuck bout me all u care bout is ur damn self it u u u fuck me fuck my fuckin feels i see that u do not love me i get it it kool thanks for playin wit my heart cuz of u i will never love again cuz of u i could never trust again wat u have put me though is fuck up i try so fucking hard to make ur fuckin ass happy that i do not even know who i am anymore i had done so fuckin much for u but there only so much i can do i am a fuckin 19 yrs old i need a fuckin life i am not a fuckin home wife do i look like that shit to u no i should be able to live my fuckin life while u in fuckin in college wit ur fuckin friends drinkin and have a good fuckin time u want me to stay home like a little kid i not i done i doin my i cant take ur shit anymore u push me away for the last time thanks for all the mental abuse i loe u and ths is wat u do to my ppl r right love hurts like a fucker only if u knew how much i care for u but u will never get pass that i am a lier and a cheat it kool i hope ur life goes on cuz i know mines will not love u and i hope u the fuckin best


Y is who I am so bad y is who I am makes so many ppl mad y who I am makes ppl hate me y who I am makes my family turn on me but I am goin to be who I am no matter wat ppl say or do to me cuz who I am makes me stronger


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Live ur life like it ur last cuz u do not know when it will be ur last unjoy wst u have be never stop believing in ur self

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we shuffle, we dance, we color ourselves whatever shade of blue we want.

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